NZ Topo Maps for Your Garmin GPS

MapToaster Mobile/NZ is premium topographical mapping of New Zealand for Garmin® GPS. The only package with:

  • detailed topo maps with the familiar cartography of the LINZ 1:50,000 series maps
  • travel related POI - DOC track and walkways, food, fuel, money, accommodation, airports
  • 8GB microSD card and SD adapter and maps for your PC included as standard
  • locality names aligned with those used by government, emergency services and NZPost
  • offshore islands
  • National Park and comprehensive conservation land boundaries
  • Included Topo50 updates to Sep-2016
  • For use with 60CSx, 62, 62s, 64, 66, eTrex, Oregon, Dakota, Colorado, Montana, Rino, Astro, and Nuvi series mapping GPS units. Check the FAQ for more detail.
  • software and maps for your PC included
  • incredibly friendly and helpful technical support
Garmin Oregon GPS topo map screenshot - topographical map of Inchbonnie area

Whether you are into tramping, climbing, hunting, 4WD or commercial outdoor activities, you'll always know exactly where you are with MapToaster Mobile/NZ topographical maps for Garmin outdoor mapping GPS.

The clean map design, with maximum information and minimum clutter, follows the familiar cartography of the LINZ 1:50,000 maps.

Here's what NZ 4WD Magazine said "... as with its PC product MapToaster has come up with a well thought out and easy-to-use product..."

Almost all the detail on the paper topomaps is included, with dozens of map feature types, including waterways, lakes, tracks, huts, 20 metre contours, natural and manmade ground cover, fencelines, roads, railways and buildings. The locality and suburb naming is aligned with government, emergency services and NZPost locality names. "Mouse over" shows the locality name when there is no other landcover.

The maps cover mainland New Zealand, Stewart Island, Auckland Is, Campbell Is, Snares Is, Antipodes Is, Bounty Is, Chatham Is and the Kermadecs.

Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx topomap screenshot of Leithfield Beach Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx topo map screenshot of Thames

In addition to the usual geographic placename search, we have added a selection of fully searchable points of interest (POI) useful when you're travelling. You can use the map to find the nearest food, fuel, money, accommodation, airports, railway stations etc. There is a comprehensive hut list that was collated from various sources and includes both DOC and non-DOC huts. You can also search for the start/endpoints of DOC tracks and walkways.

MapToaster Mobile/NZ makes a perfect complement to MapToaster Topo/NZ topomaps on your PC.

"I've owned other GPS mapping and difference between MapToaster Mobile/NZ and it is huge. The vegetation cover distinguishes different types, like scrub and native bush. Contours are clearly defined. There are concise symbols, especially for buildings and 4wd tracks. The uncluttered "FIND" results give noteworthy points in the locality instead of a list comprising mostly of the word "building". There is no doubt I prefer your product..." - Tony Lavo

The package includes

  • 2GB microSD card with the maps pre-loaded. Just put the card into your GPS and go - nothing to install. Can be used with 60CSx, 62, 62s, eTrex, Oregon, Rino, Colorado, Magellan, Astro and Nuvi mapping GPS - see the FAQ for supported GPS units
  • MapToaster Topo/NZ maps and software for your PC (Std or High-res map options)
  • SD card adapter for use with units like the Nuvi

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