MapToaster Topo/NZ Support

If you have a question or something you can't figure out:

  1. First check the built-in Help.
  2. Then check the FAQ on this web site.
  3. Or Please ensure that you include a clear description of the problem, along with the requested information about your computer.


There are updates for the MapToaster Topo/NZ versions, below. If you need an update, please .

  • Update for MapToaster Topo/NZ V5.5, 5.6 - the versions on the DVD are the most recent, nothing to download.
  • Update for MapToaster Topo/NZ V5.0 - version 5.0.246 is the latest.
  • Update for MapToaster Topo/NZ V4.0 - version 4.0.194 is the latest.


Here are a few articles that you might find useful:

MapToaster Topo/NZ is a product of Integrated Mapping Ltd. A Christchurch-based company that has specialised in applying mapping and GIS technology for over 20 years.