Which GPS Units are Supported?

MapToaster Mobile/NZ is intended for use with Garmin GPS units that accept SD or microSD storage cards - GPSMAP 60*x and 76*x, 62s, 62, 64, 78s and eTrex HCx series, Nuvi, Colorado, Edge, Dakota, Alpha and Oregon.

If you have a GPS with no microSD card, please email us with your GPS model for more information.

The maps will work with Garmin Astro GPS units, but note that using the dog tracking radios with these units is illegal. These units cause interference with existing radio services and using the tracking transmitters is a serious offense.

The maps may not work with some aviation models, such as GPSMAP 96C, but they do work with the popular 296 and 495 models.

We recommend that you visit the support web page at http://www.garmin.com to download the latest firmware for your GPS.

If in doubt contact us - click the Ask a Question link on the right.