Can I use the Map Data in Other software?

If you require this type of data for other software, Topo/NZ may not be the best option - drop us a line to discuss it. If you want to use the Topo/NZ map data, read on.

The data provided with Topo/NZ and NZAirPhoto is copyright. While reproduction of the original source maps is royalty free, the digital data included with Topo/NZ and NZAirPhoto is not. You may not copy or reproduce the map data or software, except as allowed by the licence agreement. Please read the licence agreement for full details.

If you want to use Topo/NZ and NZAirPhoto with other software, please contact us - most likely it wont cost you anything extra. You will also need to have sufficient licences for Topo/NZ or NZAirPhoto to cover your intended use. You may not incorporate the data in other products, nor make more copies or installations of the data than you have Topo/NZ licenses for.

Please note that the licensing for TopoMapPro version 2 precludes the use of the data in other software.