MapToaster Topo/NZ Version 5.6

This web page details the changes made in MapToaster Topo/NZ version V5.6, V5.5 and V5.0. The current version is MapToaster Topo/NZ V6.0.

If you already have MapToaster Topo/NZ V5.5 or earlier, we'll be sending out emails, with information about how to upgrade.

Version 5.6 incorporates the map updates from LINZ up to August 2011, to the 1:50,000 topographic mapping. Forty-four Topo50 maps had either full or partial updates, since MapToaster Topo/NZ V5.5 was released in April 2011. If you have version 5.0 or earlier, over 140 maps have been update compared to your version. Included are updates of DOC huts and tracks. The search facility now includes end-points for the DOC tracks and walkways, making tracks easy to find.

Here's a list of the sheets that have been updated

AW26Hokianga Harbour2.00June 11Full Maintenance
AW27Rawene2.00June 11Full Maintenance
AW28Kaikohe2.00June 11Full Maintenance
AX27Aranga2.01Aug-11Selected Update
AX28Dargaville2.01Aug-11Selected Update
AY28Te Kopuru2.01Aug-11Selected Update
AZ32Kawau Island1.01June 11Selected Update
AZ36ptsAZ35,BA35,BA36Mercury Islands1.01June 11Selected Update
BA36ptBA35Cooks Beach1.01June 11Selected Update
BC33Te Kauwhata1.01June 11Selected Update
BD36Lower Kaimai1.01June 11Selected Update
BE43Huiarua1.01June 11Selected Update
BG36Taupo2.00Aug-11Full Maintenance
BL34Hunterville1.01June 11Selected Update
BN24Collingwood1.02June 11Selected Update
BN33Levin1.01Aug-11Selected Update
BN34Shannon1.01Aug-11Selected Update
BP24Takaka1.01June 11Selected Update
BP25Motueka1.01June 11Selected Update
BP28Te Aumiti (French Pass)1.01June 11Selected Update
BP31Porirua1.01June 11Selected Update
BP32Paraparaumu1.01June 11Selected Update
BW15Okarito1.01June 11Selected Update
BW16Whataroa1.01June 11Selected Update
BX17Mount Sibbald1.01June 11Selected Update
BY25Akaroa1.01June 11Selected Update
BZ12Makarora1.01June 11Selected Update
BZ13Haast Pass / Tioripatea1.01June 11Selected Update
BZ17Burkes Pass1.01June 11Selected Update
CA10Lake Williamson1.01June 11Selected Update
CA11Aspiring Flats1.02June 11Selected Update
CA12Minaret Bay1.01June 11Selected Update
CA13Lake Hawea1.02Aug-11Selected Update
CB10Glenorchy1.01June 11Selected Update
CB11Arrowtown1.01June 11Selected Update
CB12Cardrona1.01June 11Selected Update
CB13Tarras1.01June 11Selected Update
CD16Middlemarch2.01June 11Selected Update
CE04Anchor Island1.01June 11Selected Update
CE05Cooper Island1.01June 11Selected Update
CG10Invercargill1.01June 11Selected Update
CG11Dacre1.01June 11Selected Update
CI04Waitangi1.01June 11Selected Update

MapToaster Topo/NZ Version 5.5

Changes in V5.5

  • Version 5.5 incorporates the map updates from LINZ up to April 2011 to the 1:50,000 topographic mapping. Ninety-eight Topo50 maps had either full or partial updates, since MapToaster Topo/NZ V5.0 was released in Sept 2009. Included are updates of DOC huts and tracks.
  • Updated support for new models for Garmin GPS units.
  • Expanded GPX support. MapToaster Topo/NZ now support GPX V1.1 format as well as V1.0.
  • Many minor updates and improvements

Here's a list of the sheets that have been updated

AT24Cape Reinga1.01Oct-10Selected Update
AU26Waiharara1.01Oct-10Selected Update
AU27Mangonui2.00April 11Full Maintenance
AV25ptAV26Tauroa Peninsula2.00April 11Full Maintenance
AV26Kaitaia2.00April 11Full Maintenance
AV27Mangamuka2.00April 11Full Maintenance
AX29Tangowahine1.01Oct-10Selected Update
AY34Claris2.00April 11Full Maintenance
AZ30Kaipara Harbour1.01Oct-10Selected Update
AZ34Moehau2.00April 11Full Maintenance
BA30Helensville1.01April 11Selected Update
BA31Waitemata Harbour1.01April 11Selected Update
BA32Auckland1.01April 11Selected Update
BB30ptBB31Piha1.01Oct-10Selected Update
BB31Manukau Harbour1.01Oct-10Selected Update
BC35Paeroa1.01April 11Selected Update
BD32Raglan1.01April 11Selected Update
BD33Hamilton1.01April 11Selected Update
BE37Rotorua1.01April 11Selected Update
BG41Ruakituri1.01April 11Selected Update
BH34Raurimu1.01April 11Selected Update
BJ31Strathmore1.01April 11Selected Update
BJ39Whirinaki1.01April 11Selected Update
BK36Taoroa Junction1.01April 11Selected Update
BK37Tikokino1.01Feb-11Selected Update
BK39Hastings2.00April 11Full Maintenance
BK40ptBK39Cape Kidnappers2.00April 11Full Maintenance
BL36Norsewood1.01April 11Selected Update
BN24Collingwood1.01Oct-10Selected Update
BP23Gouland Downs1.01Feb-11Selected Update
BP33Featherston1.01Feb-11Selected Update
BQ23Wangapeka Saddle1.01Feb-11Selected Update
BQ31Wellington2.00April 11Full Maintenance
BQ32Lower Hutt1.01April 11Selected Update
BR20Westport1.01Feb-11Selected Update
BR21Granity1.01Feb-11Selected Update
BR23Murchison1.01Feb-11Selected Update
BS20Charleston1.01Feb-11Selected Update
BS21Reefton1.01Feb-11Selected Update
BS27Tapuae-o-Uenuku1.01Oct-10Selected Update
BT19Runanga1.01Feb-11Selected Update
BT20Ahaura1.01Feb-11Selected Update
BT21Waiuta1.01Feb-11Selected Update
BT22Springs Junction1.01Feb-11Selected Update
BT23Lewis Pass1.01Feb-11Selected Update
BT24Ada Flat2.00Sept 10Full Maintenance
BT25Mount Northampton2.00Sept 10Full Maintenance
BT26Mount Clear2.00Sept 10Full Maintenance
BU20Moana1.01Feb-11Selected Update
BU21Haupiri1.01Feb-11Selected Update
BU22Lake Sumner1.01Feb-11Selected Update
BU23Boyle Village1.01Feb-11Selected Update
BU26Parnassus2.00Sept 10Full Maintenance
BV19Lake Kaniere1.01Feb-11Selected Update
BV20Otira1.01Feb-11Selected Update
BV21Cass1.01Feb-11Selected Update
BW17Harihari1.01Oct-10Selected Update
BW18Whitcombe Pass1.01April 11Selected Update
BW23Cust1.01April 11Selected Update
BX14Gillespies Beach1.01April 11Selected Update
BX15Fox Glacier1.01April 11Selected Update
BX16Mount Elie De Beaumont 1.01April 11Selected Update
BX23Lincoln1.01April 11Selected Update
BX24Christchurch1.02April 11Selected Update
BY13Lake Paringa1.01April 11Selected Update
BY17Lake Tekapo1.01April 11Selected Update
BZ14Mount Barth1.01April 11Selected Update
CA08Milford Sound / Piopiotahi1.01Oct-10Selected Update
CA11Aspiring Flats1.01Feb-11Selected Update
CA16Otematata1.01April 11Selected Update
CA17Cattle Creek2.00Sept 10Full Maintenance
CB08Homer Saddle1.01April 11Selected Update
CB09Hollyford1.01Feb-11Selected Update
CB16Naseby2.00Sept 10Full Maintenance
CB18Ikawai2.00Sept 10Full Maintenance
CC05Colonial Head1.01Oct-10Selected Update
CC06Caswell Sound1.01Oct-10Selected Update
CC07North West Arm1.01April 11Selected Update
CC08Welcome Point1.01Oct-10Selected Update
CC18Oamaru2.00Sept 10Full Maintenance
CC19ptCC18Cape Wanbrow2.00Sept 10Full Maintenance
CD05Dagg Sound 1.01Oct-10Selected Update
CD06Deep Cove1.01April 11Selected Update
CD07Manapouri1.01April 11Selected Update
CD08Te Anau1.01April 11Selected Update
CD09South Mavora Lake1.01April 11Selected Update
CD16Middlemarch2.00Sept 10Full Maintenance
CD17Waikouaiti2.00Sept 10Full Maintenance
CD18Palmerston2.00Sept 10Full Maintenance
CE06Lake Roe1.01Oct-10Selected Update
CF04West Cape1.01Oct-10Selected Update
CF06Lake Poteriteri1.01April 11Selected Update
CF07Mary Island1.01April 11Selected Update
CF12Gore2.00Sept 10Full Maintenance
CG07ptCF07Sand Hill Point 1.01April 11Selected Update
CG12Wyndham2.00Sept 10Full Maintenance
CH12Waipapa Point2.00Sept 10Full Maintenance
CJ09Mount Allen1.01Oct-10Selected Update

Changes in version 5.0

The most important change is that the mapping is now in the new New Zealand Transverse Mercator project (NZTM 2000). The NZMS260 and 262 series have been replaced with the new Topo50 and Topo250 series. The other maps, aerial photography and satellite imagery are also now NZTM 2000 projection.

The Topo50 maps have had extensive updates of the huts and tracks using data from the Department of Conservation.

Topo50 map

NZTM Support

Version 5 fully supports NZTM. You can use or display NZTM, NZMG or WGS-84 longitude/latitude coordinates. ESRI Shape files in all three coordinate systems supported. The Excel, MIF and tab-delimited text formats include coordinates in all three coordinate systems.

Garmin Oregon and Dakota Support

Garmin Mass Storage support

Garmin GPS mass storage style GPS units like the Oregon, Dakota, Colorado and Nuvi all appear on your computer as a removeable disk drive when you plug them in. MapToaster V5 autodetects these units and provide simple transfer of tracks and waypoints to/from the GPS.

Some of the Garmin outdoor GPS units are able to display raster imagery. These include theOregon, Dakota, Colorado. MapToaster V5 provides an easy way to select transfer and manage aerial photo and topomaps on your GPS.

Garmin Mass Storage support Garmin Mass Storage support

If you have MapToaster Mobile/NZ on your GPS, the linework, e.g. roads, tracks, fencelines, rivers, etc are drawn over the top of the aerial photo.

Note that this facility is not a substitute for MapToaster Mobile/NZ. The raster maps and imagery that you can upload are limited to a fairly small areas and lack the Find index that the GPS product provides.

Improved Find Dialog

The Find dialog is now even easier to use. It can search placenames, road names, localities, map sheets, 6-digit map references and coordinates and NZTM, NZMG or WGS-84 cooridnates. You can also click on the reference maps and see list of nearby places. The results can be sorted by name category, distance away or a combination of these.

Find Dialog

Improved Printing

The print dialog now lets you scale and drag the map to get exactly the view that you want, before you print. The grid labels on the maps are also more readable.

Print Dialog

Google Earth Support

You can open and save KML files. This allows you to view you tracks and waypoints in Google Earth or import lines and points from Google Earth into MapToaster.

When when you save a map or aerial photo view to your hard drive, MapToaster now saves a Google Earth overlay file so that you can view the map or aerial photo in Google Earth.

Other Improvements

  • Automatically create linked waypoints from geo-tagged photos. If you have a cellphone that has a GPS, or you geo-tag photos in services like Flickr or Picasa, the images have their latitude and longitude embedded in them. MapToaster can read these images and create waypoints with links to the photo.
  • When drawing a track you can use the arrows keys to move the map and +/- keys to zoom in/out. This lets you draw tracks of unlimited length.
  • You can now set the width track lines should be drawn and set a default colour for new tracks.
  • The email-a-map function allows you to set up a username and password to log in to secure mail servers, such as GMail, Yahoo Mail or Xtra mail.
  • Tested with Microsoft Windows 7.
  • Netbook friendly. Works well on a 1024x600 screen. Modest hardware requirements are well suited to netbook use. A great 4WD mapping solution.
  • and other usability improvements....